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Introducing Web Magnus

WebMagnus is a White Hot collection of Transparent PNGs, Videos, Images, Vectors, and Cinemagraphs that are definitely a cut above what you can get elsewhere

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Transparent PNGs are essential for every graphic designing project. Whether you want to create a website banner or a Facebook ad for the promotion of your product, isolating objects and people from the images is a tedious pain in the butt! We have a treasure trove of PNGs with transparent backgrounds which you can use to create literally an infinite number of online and offline graphics.

Royalty free Videos are perfect for the creation of YouTube Videos, Cinematographs, Gifs etc. You can create video ads or replace green screen backgrounds with them. These videos are an invaluable life-saver when you are designing video themes. Edited videos can be used in your online presentations. The possibilities are endless.

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Images are everywhere. In blogs, articles, website sliders, online or offline presentations, social media posts, you name it. You need images to publish practically everything. Images not only make your content more appealing and readable but they also make your web based projects join the Big League.

You can even use these on Physical Products that you sell: book covers, product packaging, mugs, T-shirts. These High Quality High Definition images will make your brand stand out from the rest and showcase your products in the best possible light, in e-com, Shopify, Amazon FBA products and more!

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Fast Action Bonus

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Adult Coloring Book Pages Pack

Royalty FREE Never Released Before "Adult Coloring Collection of 65 Unique Images"

With these Adult Coloring images you can create Coloring books which you can sell anywhere you want and at any price you desire. Again, 100% profit goes to your pocket.

Small Preview of What You Get

How can you benefit from this package?

Here are just a few of the many possibilities offered by this package

Use to create your own graphics, videos, ads animation and much more...

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  • Advertising
  • Television And Film
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  • Podcasts
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  • Animation
  • Movie Maker
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  • Video Production
  • Corporate
  • Stock Image / Videos
  • Royalty Free Web Assets
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  • invitations

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WebMagnus (Royalty Free PLR Membership FE)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the rights?

A. It is Unlimited PLR Rights; You can use this media asset in Unlimited No. Of Your Personal and Client Projects + You can Sell it

Q. What are OTOs?

A. It is opportunity to get monthly access to unrestricted PLR membership vault which is priced at $14 per month but in OTO you will get to pay only 1$ for first 30 days

Q What is Support Email?

A. Please send Support to tech.magnus.india [@]


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